A modern application providing a comprehensive solution for school/college management.

About iSixchya: School Management System

School information sharing system facilitates seamless information exchange among schools, students and parents. It has various modules with core functionality centered on academic for information dissemination e.g admission, student information, teacher information, attendance, class routine, events, calendar, examinations, library, mark sheet generation, reporting, dynamic website etc. The system is also complemented by a mobile app which makes it a true information exchange tool.

iSixchya: School Management System Overview

  • Administration: Helps to manage all the administrative work and cycle for a smooth flow of work.
  • Marksheet Generation : One of the core features of iSixchya is the Marksheet Generation, which can be customized according to the preferences of the institution.
  • Attendances can be done by just using our app, which implies to all students as well as of employees.
  • Payroll generation is also included in the software for the flow of Fees.
  • Sixchya manages your school, so that you can concentrate on developing it by optimising operations, empowering teachers, and helping students achieve their potential, active parents’ participation.

Our Core Features

Schools/colleges are now able to generate reports/certificates through automation.

Marksheet generation

Students'/ Employees' attendance

Report generation

Certificate generation

Library/hostel management system

Complemented by an app to carry out all the given plus more functions.

Need exclusive and customized features ?

We can provide such solutions as well