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About WHIMS: Ward Health Information Management System

WHIMS is an information management system, built to record the manually written data of patients of the health clinics, manage them and generate HMIS reports at the click of a button.

Under the Department of Health Services, all wards have health posts where basic health services are provided for free. These wards are required to maintain their data and submit monthly HMIS reports to DoHS. These data are maintained in registers and monthly reports generated from registers which are compiled and submitted to DoSH in preformatted HMIS sheets. Although, there is a reporting system, i.e. DHIS2, but there is no widespread use due to bottlenecks in implementation by the government, hence, WHIMS bridges this gap. It was developed in consultation and collaboration with ward 5 health clinic. It is a user friendly system that records health data and generates HMIS reports at the click of a button. At a later stage, it can be connected directly to DHIS2 via API.

WHIMS Overview

  • WHIMS helps Health Post to generate and send reports to NHRC conveniently.
  • As the software digitises the process of recording the patients’ information, NHRC will get real data without human error.
  • Decrease in Data redundancy.
  • Patient's history is easily generated.
  • Generate immediate data/information.
  • Time saving/Efficient.

Our Core Features

Generation of reports of Urban Health Clinic patients for Government of Nepal.

Monthly report generations.

Future references.

General recording of the patients is efficient.

Medicines’ details.

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